The Pierre Fricke Confederate Currency Type Collection

October 31, 2004

For those coming to this site from the November CoinAge article, this was my type collection which was sold in July 2004.  I continue to collect rare varieties as I believe they remain undervalued and are tough and fun to find!

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Thanks, Pierre


July 25, 2004

I want to thank all who participated in the July 24 R. M. Smythe CSA currency part of the sale. R.M. Smythe did a great job and I'm very pleased. I really enjoyed these notes and wish their new custodians well. Finally, I made money on a short hold period. Most of these notes were acquired between Summer 2002 through Spring 2004.

This auction demonstrates that rarity and high quality continue to do well. Just nice type did OK to fair. There was some low grade material mixed in with better mid-grade type that followed my collection. The low grade and problem material brought what it is worth. Collectors are using collector-oriented grading more and more and the speculative boom in CSA currency appears to be over. Rarity and quality appear to the the watchwords of today's collector.

The high quality 1864 type and rare varieties did the best for me as far as return on investment in percentage terms. That was followed by the tough 1861 type at a quality that one doesn't typically see at shows, at auction or in dealer's price lists. These were the strongest in absolute dollar terms. The Choice Unc and high eye appeal notes did well too. It was interesting to observe that the cut-cancelled, but higher eye appeal T-31 did almost as well as the T-31 as a similarly graded that wasn't cut. That makes sense, actually.

My advice to any new rarity at the highest quality you can afford. It's better to own fewer rare, condition census or at least high quality notes than it is to have a complete, average type set, in my opinion. Of course, the best thing to do is buy what you like and have fun!

As I've said all along, many of these notes will be plate notes in an upcoming CSA Currency book. Congratulations to those who won one of those!

I remain an active collector focusing on completing a set of all of the "collectible" rare varieties. I also am aiming to have a complete collection of T-10, T-11, T-26 and T-33 notes including all varieties that are collectible and as many excessively rare "NC"s (non-collectibles, less than 3 known in collector's hands) as possible.

I'm available to help people build great collections and especially advise them on rarity and condition census positioning of rare varieties and type.

Thanks again!

Pierre Fricke, P.O.Box 1094, Sudbury, Mass 01776

The catalog is available on R. M. Smythe's web site. Click on this to go to it.
See scans of many of the notes by clicking on the menu bar to the left. These scans remain available to supplement what's at the Smythe web site. You must go to their web site to bid. This site is for enhanced viewing only. I put as many of the notes up as disk space limitations allow.  Please email me (see if you want a scan. Thanks, Pierre
I have come to an arrangement with Steve Goldsmith at R.M. Smythe to have about 80-90 type notes missing only the Big 6 to be sold at their July 24th auction in NYC at the NY Coin and Currency show. A few of the notes are the likely the best, in my opinion, to be offered publicly at auction in years (e.g., T-7 - Cowan example; T-9; T-15 - Hilton example; T-17, T-51, T-57 come to mind). Others are in the same grade range as or only surpassed by Mintz's examples over the past several years (e.g., T-12 - Sanderson example; T-22 - Criswell plate example - ex Chiappa, Hilton; T-23 - Mitchelson example; T-30, T-32, T-34, T-36, T-37, T-50, T-61). Serial number 12 of T-39 will be offered. Most are above average examples that will be graded and described using conservative "collector-oriented" grading to give others a fair opportunity at acquiring notes that generally are hard to find. Additionally, There will be several other notes from the old-time Mitchelson collection formed in the late 1880s.

I've enjoyed these notes and part with them reluctantly. I've gone as far as I intend to go with type and I need to free up resources to make my final push to complete a collection of all identified collectible (3 or more known) rare varieties at which I am more than 95% there. I also remain interested in unique and semi-unique varieties when they are available. Additionally, I still am working on counterfeits and trans-Miss. items as well. So I'm not leaving the CSA collector scene at all!

I will be putting scans of some of the notes on my web site. They also will be available for viewing at the June Memphis paper money show and in NYC at R.M Smythe. Please take this unusual opportunity to look these over and add to your collection.

NOTE: These T5 and T6 examples to be offered July 24 were part of the Fricke collecton. They now are "ex Fricke" as they were traded to R.M. Smythe.

Thanks, Pierre

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